Wednesday, March 11, 2009

One-Stop Shopping for 2009 Fantasy Baseball Position Primers

In an effort to keep things tidy, I've put the following position primers in one post:

1B: Is it possible to make Delgado sexy again?

2B: Is Alexei Ramirez worth his ADP?

SS: Jhonny Peralta is entering his age-27 year...should you invest?

3B: Was Mark DeRosa's 2008 season a "lucky" or "career" year?

C: Kelly Shoppach and his bad contact rate might help your team.

OF: Andre Ethier isn't getting any respect.

SP: Is there a better draft investment than Roy Halladay?

RP: No one else is paying for saves. Does that mean you should?


DrGravitee said...

Did you know Kelly Shoppach was second only to Jack Cust in all of MLB when it comes to K% (min plate appearance of 140)?



Dan Butter said...

Yikes is right. And his contact rate (64%) was only behind Mark Reynolds for worst in the league.