Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Complete List of Female In-Game Dunks (According To YouTube)

Look. I do find it strange that male fans/sportswriters seem way more excited about the female dunk then female fans/sportswriters, or even the female players themselves. Male fans/sportswriters need to chillax.

Also: why is it that anytime a video of a female dunking is posted on YouTube, some haters feel the need to post a comment 1. expressing that the dunk is closer to a layup, 2. discussing how they themselves can dunk with ease, 3. pontificating on the sexuality of the dunker, and 4. stating that they could easily beat the female dunker in a game of one-on-one basketball? Give me a break. Don't bring that garbage here.

So, with that in mind, this post isn't intended to glorify the female dunk, or even suggest that women's basketball would be better with more dunking. It certainly isn't intended to rank or judge female dunks. It is no more than a catelogue of female dunks that can be found on YouTube. (I know, I know. I'm sure other in-game dunks have happened, but as I said in my NBA dunking post, one could argue that if a dunk isn't posted on YouTube, it never happened.) One-stop shopping for female YouTube dunks, if you will. Enjoy.

In-Game WNBA Dunks

(Note: in most cases you can click on a given name to see video of the qualifying dunk.)

2002: Lisa Leslie - First in-game dunk in WNBA history (7/30/02).
2005: Lisa Leslie - No video of this All-Star game dunk (7/9/05).
2006: Michelle Snow - Also in the All-Star game (7/12/06).
2008: Candace Parker - Second WNBA in-game dunk (6/22/08).
2008: Candace Parker - Back-to-back games (6/24/08).

In-Game Collegiate Dunks

1984 - 05: Georgeann Wells - First woman to dunk in a game. Link includes nice follow-up story and recently-found video of dunk.
1994: Charlotte Smith - First dunk in a decade. Dunk was televised, but I can't find clip of it online.
2000 - 01: Michelle Snow - Against Illinois. Also dunked against South Carolina and Vanderbilt.
2003: Sancho Lyttle - Against Gonzaga.
2005 - 08: Candace Parker had, as far as I can tell, seven in-game collegiate dunks. Here are five of them:
Candace Parker - First and second dunk in NCAA tourney
Candace Parker - Against West Virginia
Candace Parker - Against UCONN (@ 2:19)
Candace Parker - Against Kentucky
The rest of Parker's collegiate dunks can be found spliced into this video.
2007: Sylvia Fowles - Against Louisiana-Lafayette. No video of that one, but there is video of her dunking at the 2009 Euro All-Star Game and again in a 2008 game overseas.

Also note: Parker, in the 2004 FIBA Junior World Championship Qualifying Tournament Games, had three dunks in five games to lead the USA team to the Gold Medal.

In-Game High School Dunks

2001 - 04: As far as I can tell, Candace Parker had two high school dunks.
2007-09: Brittney Griner is already the most prolific female in-game high school dunker ever. She's in-game dunked more than 50 times this season alone. Some of her recent in-game dunking exploits can be found here, where she dunked twice in a Feb 27th, 2009 playoff game. Here is a Griner in-game dunk from March 6th, 2009. Want even more info? Fine. This was posted two weeks ago: an interview with B. Griner.

A Smattering of Out-Game Dunks

Maya Moore - In warm-ups.
Michelle Snow - With Parker in warm-ups.
Candace Parker - Wins HS slam dunk contest.
Tudy Reed - Dunked to get a guy.

So, only eight different women have in-game dunked: Wells, Smith, Snow, Leslie, Lyttle, Parker, Fowles, and Griner. That's pretty select company. Think I missed someone? Then get the video footage of it up on YouTube. You can also let me know by leaving a note in the comment section.

Optional reading

  • Controversy: ESPN The Mag writes about Candace Parker's alphabet cups.

  • 480 photos of Candace Parker.

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