Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Gordon Beckham Speaks!


  • Still early. I know. But Beckham has been turning some heads this spring.

  • Oh, and if you were wondering what the heck this post was about, I was running a test to see if I could get a twitter feed to superimpose over an image. Also, Beckham has been hot (6-for-18, 2 HR, 1 SB). But perhaps we should take a step back and see what he does over the next 20-some spring games before we jump out of our pants.

  • Gordon Beckham has a blog! Check it out here. Here is a teaser from his blog: "Well just when I thought I had a lot of things figured out, I realized I had no clue...."

  • This just in: an interesting video of Gordon Beckham!

    Anonymous said...

    Jon Stewart called the internet the "twittscape" last night...

    Anonymous said...

    More than anything, this Beckham's blog shows what a jerk AJ P. can be. Not that this is a surprise or anything. AJ has been a jerk for a long time.