Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ten Early Thoughts on Nelson Cruz

  • Nelson Cruz is 28 years old

  • He did not make the Opening Day roster in 2008

  • The Rangers have four outfielders who merit regular playing time: Josh Hamilton, Marlon Byrd, David Murphy and Nelson Cruz. Rotating them through the DH spot is a possibility.

  • Cruz hit 37 home runs in 383 Triple A at bats last year

  • Projections vary from 28 HRs, 18 steals and a .278 average (Bill James) to 10 HRs, four steals and a .257 average (Marcel)

  • Cruz is Rotoauthority's #1 sleeper

  • He attempted a steal 25% of the time he was on first base in the minors

  • His ADP is currently in the 15th-to-17th round range, but my guess is that he will become less of a bargain over the next few months

  • Crooked Pitch readers think Pablo Sandoval, Matt Wieters, and Ian Stewart will be better sleepers than Cruz and Razzball has his hesitations.

  • Cruz's font couldn't get any bigger in this tag cloud
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    AntiBionics said...

    Wieters is as much a sleeper as Longoria was last year, which is to say, probably not much of a sleeper.

    Every fantasy team should have an Ian on their team.

    28 year old prospects are not prospects, but they could still be good baseball players.