Monday, January 26, 2009

Ten Early Thoughts on Chris Carpenter

  • He has missed most of the last two years with injuries

  • He is currently 33 years old

  • I have yet to see him drafted before the 20th round

  • Dude isn't listed as one of the top 82 starting pitchers by this site

  • He had a 1.07 WHIP in 221 innings in 2006

  • A recent report says he might become the Cardinals' closer in 2009

  • I'd say the chances of Carpenter ever becoming a closer are less than 19%

  • If he did become a closer, he'd have that nifty SP/RP eligibility

  • Bill James, CHONE, and Marcel do not think Carpenter will top 100 innings in '09

  • Carpenter did well on his recent "nerve conduction test" and "feels great"

  • Bonus bulletpoint: a Carpenter write-up in Baseball Notebook.
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    Clem said...

    These situations (closer/starter and healthy/DL) should clear up in spring training.