Monday, June 25, 2007

Anson Mountain Has a Friend

On the subway this morning I read a great piece of sports writing. It’s a memoir about taking the LAPD entrance exam by Anson’s friend Ann. The story’s not about sports, but it is about her relationship to her father, measuring up, scaling the walls of the Harvard Divinity School, and the particular pain of physical exertion. I’d describe it as a track-and-field story, in a way. She’s discussing it online at noon today.

I like well-edited online chats, but I hate comments on the online version of newspaper sports sections. They’re generally asinine, mean-spirited, and use horrible grammar and spelling. They’re an outlet for cranks, and they add no value to the online versions of these papers. Blogs are far superior, of course.

Musa’s Challenge of the Week: Send Ann a question in which you mention Anson, Mountain High Publishing, Frank Wychek, or TKS.

Tie-Breaker: Find and link to one correct usage of the word “whom” in an online chat or in the comments section of any online newspaper.

Winner gets the leftovers from yesterday's brunch and an invitation to my birthday party on Friday!


Hannah said...

Boo-ya, bitches. Follow the link. Question number 3.

And, Musa, I'm not going to claim your cold home fries or sit in your living room sipping white-wine spritzers with you and your mom on a Friday night.

Anson Mountain said...

Okay, Hannah, that was awesome. Well done. I missed the chat, but my question would have been:

I love your writing. Do you think Frank Wycheck could jump over a wall? I don't think so, but I thought I'd ask.

DrGravitee said...


Tie-breaker: "For publicity, the company relies on stories in other media, word-of-mouth and the efforts of its reporters, many of whom are active bloggers, Min said."