Thursday, June 21, 2007

Can't Wait For September

I own a lot of action figures. I own the entire 1990 line of Dick Tracy figures (yes, Dr. Gravitee, even Prune Face). I own Marvel 3 Age figures of Iron Man and Wolverine made to look like little toddlers. I own, still in the box, the 1992 Dream Team Olympic Basketball set of figurines from Starting Lineup. And, come September 2007, I will own this action figure of Vince Young. This is incredible. It's the perfect pose for Mr. Young, searching downfield for receivers that have either fallen down or are covered, already gearing up to bootleg this damn thing all the way to the end zone.
This will go on the shelf reserved for sports related figures, including a 1990 Starting Lineup figure of Mark McGwire (in the super awesome pose of covering first base...since that's what I still remember about McGwire, his play in the field) and a vinyl figure of Gnash, the Nashville (Ontario?) Predators' mascot.
This said, I wonder what fan is anxious for the release of the William Thomas figure. Though I had to look it up, he's gone to the Pro Bowl, but is there a huge demand for William Thomas action figures? Not to say that offensive lineman shouldn't get their own action figure. If there had been a Bill Fralic figure in the late 80's, I would have bought one. But William Thomas? Not to mention that the sculpt has him balancing his entire weight on his toes in a pose that seems to defy gravity.
Still, even with the Vince Young toy, I won't be happy until someone produces a Joey Gathright figure, complete with Misubishi Galant. Perhaps we should create a line of Sinkhole Superstar figurines with a build-a-figure of Colonel Powell for people who buy the entire set. The license for Eileen Shea and Steve Logan shouldn't be prohibitively expensive. And there's already a Drew Henson Bobble Head Doll. Just say the word and I'll get in touch with my "toy guy".


Musa D said...

Anson, if you're my "toy guy," who could your "toy guy" possibly be? Boggling.

I think William Thomas is in the process of completing the "pancake" by falling on top of a prone defensive lineman, making absolutely sure he receives statistical credit for the play.

Hannah said...

Musa D-

"Toy guy" and "boy toy" are two different things.

Anson Mountain said...

Musa D, you know my toy guy. Remember, we met with him a few months ago at that Denny's when he made that Hannah action figure with eighteen points of articulation (Remember, you slammed your fist on the table when he told you that most six inch action figures top out at fifteen points of articulation and you screamed, "Get me eighteen points for Hannah!" Remember, we were asked to leave by the manager of the Denny's and we had to finish the transaction in my toy guy's van? Remember, we shared a Lumberjack slam? We should do that again soon.

DrGravitee said...

Joey Gathright is a major leaguer again. His first game back was June 6th. He is hitting .324 (11/34) with 0hr, 5rbi, 8r, and 2sb. His BB to K ratio is 6:5. All of Hattiesburg, MS is excited for Joey.