Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A Thai Pun and an American Bloke

One of the writers of this blog, Musa D., is currently in Thailand. Every few days I will write a quick entry describing what I imagine his experiences to be like:

"While I was on the plane on the way over to Thailand, I thought of this awesome pun using the word 'Thailand' in it. I was so happy about it because it was so intensely clever, and I am rarely clever. I was so excited about my pun that it was almost like I had to go to the bathroom, that's how antsy with excitement I was! I nearly called Anson using the airfone to instruct him to post the pun immediately. Instead, I wrote it down on an airplane napkin so that I'd remember it, but while I took a nap my girlfriend used the napkin to spit her gum into it and then she left it in her seat pocket. The pun was something like, 'It's impossible to win in Tie-land,' only much better.

"During our first day, my group absorbed this other American bloke into it. He was a nice guy, but as soon as he was drunk, he became a really interested in botany. After he sobered up, I asked him a few questions about botany, and he was like, 'who cares, dude?' I don't know if he was faking his botany interest when he was drunk, or if he was faking that he was not into botany when he was sober. Either way, the bloke was a bit of a faker, and so my group pretended to go to a bathroom in a restaurant and then snuck out the back door and gave him the slip.

"I'm using the word bloke a lot so that if someone reads this over my shoulder, they'll think I'm British and not American. Next time I write in I'll describe the street urchins, the cats, and the headwear of choice. Lao jer gun (see you again)!"

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