Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Detroit Tigers Have No Holes

...according to this article by John Donovan of SI.com.

"The Tigers, top to bottom, are the most solid team around. Stronger than '06. No holes. Really. As long as Sean Casey stays healthy at first, they'll be tough."

I got an oil change yesterday, and when my car was returned to me, the radio was tuned to a sports talk station. The caller was shouting at the host because he thought the Patriots football team had not spent enough money on their players. The host was shouting because he disagreed. I suddenly found myself caring not at all about football and thinking about baseball for the first time in months. Will first baseman Dan Johnson of the Oakland A's hit over 30 home runs? Is King Felix Hernandez going to dominate? Was Zito overpaid? And will Helton, who has been sub-par for the last two years but now claims he's injury-free, play closer to his career averages? Will Daniel Cabrera win or lose 20 games?

Aside from the radio being left on, the oil-change guys left me a few other gifts: A wad of pink bubble gum was balancing on my dashboard and strips of what looked to be uneaten Big League Chew bubble gum were on the passenger seat. I also found a few things that are less relevant to the sport of baseball: A lug nut, a greasy towel, and, inexplicably, a dreidel with the "gimmel" side facing up.

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