Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A Note About Hoosier Basketball

I don't know if I ever really liked "Hoosiers" (the movie). I wanted to like the movie, but all fifteen times I saw it, is sort of disappointed me, got me down a bit. Sure, I loved Gene Hackman. But Dennis Hopper's character sort of creeped me out, and the super-shy players made me uncomfortable too. In any case, I always wanted to like Indiana basketball, but I never really was inspired by Jared Jeffries. Didn't it seem like Jared Jeffries played at Indiana for something like eight years? Anyway. And their last coach was slim and severe-looking and looked like a substitute teacher that wouldn't find my antics to be funny. And the team was constantly overrated, or really not that good. Or so it seemed too me. I really only watched their team out of the corner of my eye.

Now, suddenly, Indiana has a fun team to watch. They have this new short-ish and round-ish coach who is a nice combination of jolly and stern. I watched Indiana beat UConn, and I learned three things:
1. D.J. White was the best player on the floor
2. UConn's 7'3" Thabeet was the tallest.
3. Some guy named Johnson on UConn had flying-from-out-of-nowhere dunking ability

Anyway, Indiana just beat Alando Tucker and his #2 ranked Wisconsin team. The Big 10 has some good teams, but Indiana might be the best right now. D.J. White, that guy has really broad shoulders. I'd say he's in my top ten favorite college players right now. Number one? I'd have to go with Greg Oden. He's good enough to deserve his own post.

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