Wednesday, November 22, 2006

F. Scott Holiday Feast

F. Scott Fitzgerald, who once said, "Baseball is a game played by idiots for morons," offers up some post-Thanksgiving turkey recipes.

Turkey a la Francaise: Take a large ripe turkey, prepare as for basting and stuff with old watches and chains and monkey meat. Proceed as with cottage pudding.

Turkey Mousse: Seed a large prone turkey, being careful to remove the bones, flesh, fins, gravy, etc. Blow up with a bicycle pump. Mount in becoming style and hang in the front hall.

Stolen Turkey: Walk quickly from the market, and, if accosted, remark with a laugh that it had just flown into your arms and you hadn't noticed it. Then drop the turkey with the white of one egg - well, anyhow, beat it.

Turkey Hash: This is the delight of all connoisseurs of the holiday beast, but few understand how really to prepare it. Like a lobster, it must be plunged alive into boiling water, until it becomse bright red or purple or something, and then before the color fades, placed quickly in a washing machine and allowed to stew in its own gore as it is whirled around. Only then is it ready for hash. To hash, take a large sharp tool like a nail-file or, if none is handy, a bayonet will serve the purpose - and then get at it! Hash it well! Bind the remains with dental floss and serve.

Turkey with Whiskey Sauce: This recipe is for a party of four. Obtain a gallon of whiskey, and allow it to age for several hours. Then serve, allowing one quart for each guest. The next day the turkey should be added, little by little, constantly stirring and basting.

Any of these recipes will help ease the pain of watching the Tivo'ed Dolphins-Lions game the day after Thanksgiving. F. Scott also said, "There are no second acts in American lives," but he obviously had never anticipated Joey Harrington.


DrGravitee said...

Althought this is not directly related to Thanksgiving, Joey Harrington WAS an Oregon Duck.

Musa D said...

I think last week's loss to Arizona may have been the nadir of the Detroit Lions franchise. A lower point, though, would be losing to Joey Harrington. It would prove that there is something poisonous--something fundamentally losing--about Detroit football. Football seems like something we're supposed to be good at--we're gritty, god dammit--but in reality we're woeful and always have been. Our coaches are vanilla. Our colors are wimpy. Our stadium is sterile. Barry Sanders gave up on us. We've gotten to the point where we're envious of Pittsburgh.

Getting blown out by Rodney Peete in the playoffs was painful, but losing to Joey Harrington on Thanksgiving Day will be sickening.

I'm off to try some Turkey with Whiskey Sauce.