Monday, November 20, 2006

RB from another planet

I agree that LT's jog to the sidelines is intimidating. He didn't come up with it, but it works. I grew up watching Barry Sanders, and part of the spectacle of his touchdown runs was the juxtaposition of his elusive skittering and the conclusive casual flip of the ball to the ref. It was a physical statement (most athletes' favorite kind), just like a celebratory dance is. He wasn't doing it because his coach told him to, he was doing it because that's who he was. It was individual expression.

Perhaps the problem here is that I don't like the way football favors the lockstepped. I'd rather watch Barry Sanders be the only guy on the team cool enough to flip the ball to the ref after a touchdown. Trust me, I wasn't watching the Lions for the teamwork. I was watching Barry, and would still be watching him now if he hadn't left for Neptune.