Friday, April 9, 2010

Three Closer Predictions for 2010

Kerry Wood saves 20+ games.  The news of Wood's fantasy uselessness is greatly exaggerated.  I personally feel like there is an 80% chance that Wood gets the closer job back.  I know it is trendy to say Wood is toast, but his replacement Chris Perez's career numbers are not exactly confidence inspiring: 98  innings, 49 walks, 110 K, a 3.92 ERA.  Why is everyone so in love with Perez?  He's going to get killed by his own penchant for giving up walks.

Koji Uejara will close at some point and do very well.  MGonzo has experienced a loss of velocity.  If he continues to get hammered, Koji will get a shot to be the closer.  He's proved he can close in Japan and he's proved he can get MLB hitters out by throwing up a 1.18 whip last year.

Ryan Madson will save more than 20 games.

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DrGravitee said...

Probably going to be 0-3 on these three predictions.