Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Rafael Soriano gets the save: should you save a roster spot for Soriano?

Here is what Rafael Soriano's Yahoo player note had to say after he got the save tonight:

"Soriano threw a scoreless ninth inning with two strikeouts to earn his second save in Wednesday's win over Washington. Mike Gonzalez pitched in the eighth inning to get the win.

"Soriano got the nod over Gonzalez when the Braves wanted to bring a left-handed pitcher in to face left-handed Adam Dunn in the eighth inning. This could be a sign the closer role may be split between the two players, and Soriano may have more upside if both are healthy since Gonzalez may be used earlier in games against left-handed batters."

My guess is that either this is a bit of a false alarm and Soriano only snipes a quiet one-to-two saves a month for the rest of the season OR Mike Gonzalez and Soriano split of the save opportunities equitably going forward. Either way, this news makes Soriano valuable in mixed leagues, especially in leagues that have saves and holds; Soriano has had either a save or a hold in four of his seven appearances in 2009.

What? You want me to speak in an informal, off-the-record type way? Here ya go: ride the Intermittent Raffy Sores closer horse until he gets injured. And he will get injured. Dude's ligaments have the tensile strength of tissue paper.

Stat-y Type Stuff:

  • Check out Rafael Soriano's career stats (in 263 innings):
    K/9 = 9.27
    BB/9 = 2.74
    K/BB = 3.39
    AVG against = .204
    Career fastball speed: 93.5 MPH (he's been throwing 92.1 so far this year)

  • 4/24 UPDATE: Well, R. Soriano got the hold tonight (while giving up one run in the eighth) and M. Gonzo got the save. It will be interesting to see how this plays out over the next few weeks.

  • Fantasy Hurler thinks RSoriano will save more games than Gonzo in 2009 (by the count of 20-ish saves to 10-15-ish).

    Forrest said...

    While I think Soriano will be a worthwhile addition to a fantasy baseball bench, Gonzalez is still the closer in Atlanta.

    The big knock on the Atlanta pen that many don't recognize is that many pitchers in their bullpen are extremely injury prone. That is part of the reason why rostering Soriano, regardless of the saves he has accumulated to date, is a good idea.

    DrGravitee said...

    Hi Forrest. I agree with you. And your point is especially well taken on a night when Gonzo got the save over Soriano.

    DrGravitee said...

    A good bet might be: who gets injured first, RSoriano or Gonzo...