Monday, August 13, 2007

Strikeout-Prone-Third-Baseman Ouija Magic

I recently happened upon something delightful. The comments section of a three-year-old post on my favorite Tigers blog has become a means to communicate with Brandon Inge.

More proof that Google is magic. It allows you to find things that don't exist.


Jim Hubbleman said...

Dear Mike Schmidt,

I met your brother the other day outside Safeway. He looks just like you! He asked me if I had any cigarettes, but unfortunately I stopped smoking in 1974.

Your fan,
Jim Hubbleman

shellybelly2015 said...

Dear Dean Palmer,

What college will accept me?

Shelly Gibson
Age 9
Lubbock, TX

hank hulkum said...

Dear Harmon Killebrew,

Are you still alive? I heard you were in a Ski-Doo accident. Anyway, if you're alive, please sign a baseball and mail it to Hank Hulkum, 576 Bixby Dr., Ocala, FL 32978 as soon as possible.

Britney Granger said...

Musa D.,

Your really cool. I like ur posts on ur blog. I go their all the time.

Do you live in Cancun? I am going their for a summer trip with my family. Then I have to go back to college. I am a sophmore. Maybe we can meet up in Cancun?

Baseball players are often hot. There pants are tight. Are you a baseball player?

Okay, my dad needs to use the computer to do his stocks. LOL.


hannah said...

You guys are the best. Making fun of senior citizens and children, nice work. Musa D, is that a picture of you and your mom on a Friday night?