Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Frequency of Sinkhole Activity Steadily Mediocre

We've been writing this blog for a year. The number of posts by month:

The percentage of posts by author:

The only question now is what direction The Kitchen Sinkhole should take in order to remain relevant. A few ideas:
  • A Lions & Titans Weekly Comparison Blog ("Light Blue Connection")
  • A Jason Hanson Tribute Blog ("Kicking Off & Taking Names")
  • A Rob Bironas Tribute Blog ("It's Long Enough, It's Straight Enough")
  • A Nonsense-Statistic Blog ("Mel & the Math Dog")
Come up with something better and leave it in the comments. Winner gets to write the first post.


DrGravitee said...

Well played, Musa D. I'll put my think muffin on and get back to you shortly.


Nitish Bhardwaj said...

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