Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Frequency of Sinkhole Activity Steadily Mediocre

We've been writing this blog for a year. The number of posts by month:

The percentage of posts by author:

The only question now is what direction The Kitchen Sinkhole should take in order to remain relevant. A few ideas:
  • A Lions & Titans Weekly Comparison Blog ("Light Blue Connection")
  • A Jason Hanson Tribute Blog ("Kicking Off & Taking Names")
  • A Rob Bironas Tribute Blog ("It's Long Enough, It's Straight Enough")
  • A Nonsense-Statistic Blog ("Mel & the Math Dog")
Come up with something better and leave it in the comments. Winner gets to write the first post.

1 comment:

DrGravitee said...

Well played, Musa D. I'll put my think muffin on and get back to you shortly.