Friday, October 5, 2007

I Watch TV on the Internet

I haven't turned my television on in weeks. I watch all my TV on my computer. Including Journeyman. This show is hot. As hot as Day Break was last year. Moon Bloodgood is back, only this time she can time travel. You should check it out. Incidentally, have you ever noticed that Moon Bloodgood's name has three-peating vowels, and none of them rhyme? Musa D. is good at coming up with other names that pull this off. Musa D., take it away:

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Musa D said...

Fuck Louise Glück.

This isn't technically a name, and using an umlaut is kind of a cheat, but I think we should make t-shirts that say this. Then if Louise Glück sees one and has a problem with it, we can be like, "Hey, no worries, Louise Glück, it's a linguistic joke. Get it?" Which I think she would.

DrGravitee said...

Fear Threadbear

Musa D said...

Sponge Oglefondle

DrGravitee said...

Croon Floodrook

DrGravitee said...

Reservoir Poisewooing