Thursday, February 1, 2007

Half of an amazing entrepreneurial idea

In 1992, less than 1 percent of people worldwide had cell phones and only one third of all countries had cellular networks. Just 10 years later, 18 percent of people (1.14 billion) had a cell phone.

In 2002, less then 1 percent of people worldwide walked around with video cameras. Just five years later, 18 percent of people walk around with video cameras in their cell phones.

Accompanying this surge in cell phone video cameras (as well as the rise of YouTube) has been an increase in “Gotcha!” videos, people caught mid-infamous previously-private moment. Just today, in fact, the NY Times reports that someone took a cell phone video of a nurse in Russia as she used plaster to gag a baby. The hospital’s retort to the claim? It was understaffed. Other notable Gotchas! include Saddam, Mel Gibson, and Michael Richards.

My entrepreneurial idea is to be the first person to capitalize on this shift. To do this, I will…

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